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Breaking: Editor-in-Chief of the National Pulse believes Covid was intentionally released by the CCP

Left to right and clockwise, Raheem Kassam, Natalie Winters, Steven Bannon and Facebook "Fact Checker" from Lead Stories (July 20, 2021)

Editor-in-Chief of the National Pulse, Raheem Kassam is well known for breaking news that exposes the high level of corruption that exists among American politicians from the Democrat and Republican parties, wall street, educators, technology oligarchs, social networks, main stream media, and the connection and support that these entities share with the Chinese Communist Party. That is why it is noteworthy that Kassam stated the the Covid-19 Virus was a biological weapon that was INTENTIONALLY released by the Chinese Communist Party and the China's People's Liberation Army during this morning's War Room Pandemic.

The National Pulse's lead reporter Natalie Winters is the person responsible for breaking stories that exposed the rolls played by Peter Daszak, Dr. Francis Collins, and Dr. Anthony Fauci in funding the gain-of-function research that was performed in the CCP/PLA's controlled Wuhan Laboratory. Winters and Kassam were the first to make known to the public the partnership that existed(s) between Daszak, Collins, Fauci and the CCP to develop highly transmissible and deadly viruses such the SARS 2 CoV-19 virus (aka Covid 19). This was a major news story because, at the time of these revelations, the mainstream media was reporting that the Covid virus originated in a bowl of bat soup in Wuhan, China fish market.

Given the credibility of the National Pulse, the Kassam/Winters statements will likely inspire citizen journalists to examine the possibility that China is at war with the United States of America and the West. Note, the type of warfare used by the Chinese is NOT kinetic/traditional warfare rather, it is call Unrestricted Hybrid Warfare (UHW).

American censorship of its own citizens, open borders, ANTIFA/BLM, mass gene transfer experiments mis-classified as vaccines, mask mandates, critical race theory, attacks on the first and second amendments, Chinese support for cartels smuggling fentanyl into America and Chinese rhetoric can all be explained away if we accept the fact that China is fully engaged in an Unrestricted Hybrid War against America and the West.


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