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#Fedsurrection - Biden, the DC Swamp, and media are FOS & every image from that day proves it

Not exactly the image of terror, horror. and violence described by the moron in the White House and his propaganda peddling media agents. Referring to January 6 as an "insurrection" is laughable. Only the most ignorant and gullible person could ever believe such an unconvincing hoax - one that was obviously custom designed by the Deep State and the DC swamp (Pelosi, McConnell, Cruz, etc.).

Let's review the image above. The so-called "insurrectionists" were armed with flags, placards, and cell phones. Notice the remarkable single-file lined formed by these social-distance-respecting "marauders". Most impressive is that these "villains" exercised exceptional manners as they respected the velvet guide ropes as they toured the Capitol Building on January 6. Thank goodness the FBI and their operatives were present to ensure proper "choreography" of the grand hoax.

Conclusion: Biden's ignorance is only exceeded by anyone dumb enough and gullible enough to buy into the Jan 6 Hoax.


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