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Marjorie Taylor Greene: Joe Biden's SOTU Message - "China's CCP First, America Last"

March 2, 2022: After enduring Joe Biden's painful State of the Union (SOTU) "gong show" and "kabuki theater", several thought leaders have stepped forward with a full (and objective) analysis of the outrageously dishonest and delusional SOTU delivered by the fraud in the White House. In this video, firebrand Marjorie Taylor Greene thoroughly covers the massive list of failures that Joe Biden and his useless administration are guilty of.

No amount of spinning and propaganda written for Biden (by his "handlers") could salvage the actual State of the United States that everyone outside of the DC swamp is aware of: hyperinflation, a surge in crippling cost-of-living, a teetering economy, transition into full foreign energy dependency, equity market instability, record level violent crimes, out-of-control child trafficking, rampant fentanyl addiction crisis, record level homelessness, a self-inflicted southern border crisis, a perpetual national security crisis, the Afghanistan disaster, enabling of the Russian-Ukraine military crisis, a demoralized military, perpetual attacks against our police, failed public health policy approach to Covid, unrelenting attacks on civil and constitutional rights, entrenchment into government-media-corporate fascism, and a disastrous mismanagement of the failing public school system. None of these critical issues were addressed - this will result in a worsening US "condition" as long as Biden and his illegitimate DNC Marxist Party remain in power.

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