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Pfizer's egregious violations of international law run deep & span the globe (video & articles)

A library of incriminating evidence against rogue pharmaceutical Pfizer:

The CEO of Pfizer (Albert Bourla) and his organization are at the core of the "big pharma crime cartel". The brief opening video (above) effectively highlights a handful of legal cases and court rulings involving the willful and harmful business practices of Pfizer (representing billions in fines applied against this rogue company over the years).

Current CEO Albert Bourla is continuing the criminal legacy of Pfizer using similar racketeering, market manipulation, and extortion techniques to push dangerous experimental Covid vaccines. It is important to hold Bourla and his rogue corporation to full account for the lives lost due to the bio-corruption and bio-tyranny perpetrated by Pfizer and it's co-conspirators in the "Covid Public Health Industrial Complex".

The articles/videos provided below are a small sample of the crime and corruption that surrounds Bourla and Pfizer.

By: Extremely American Colin Wright


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