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Project Veritas Under-Cover Video: CNN's Criminal Journalism Exposed on 8-Minute Video

April 14, 2021: James O’Keefe and his exceptional team at Project Veritas have released one of their most important under-cover videos to date. The latest Project Veritas under-cover video showcases a senior CNN Technical Director named Charlie Chester boasting about CNN's egregiously unethical media business practices. James O’Keefe released the damning 8-minute video that shows, in full display, the criminal and unethical practices of CNN and all of its staff. Most people do not require any additional evidence to conclude that CNN is filthy and rotten to the core when it comes to media coverage and journalism – the filth of CNN should not be news to anyone. However, the latest Project Veritas video qualifies as 'must-see' and 'must-share' material.

Throughout the video you will see and hear CNN Technical Director Charlie Chester openly boast about the criminal and unethical methods deployed by CNN over recent years of news coverage – methods that form the basis of CNN’s toxic, deceitful, and shameful ‘business’ platform. Throughout the video you will notice a long trail of manipulated and fabricated reporting intended to take down CNN’s targets and mislead its viewers in their ‘coverage’ of the news.

The Project Veritas video speaks for itself. Please take eight minutes to have your eyes opened wider than ever regarding CNN. The video offers a first-hand recount of the trash that is persistently purveyed by CNN. The video also underscores the arrogance in which the CNN staff goes about its daily criminal and unethical ‘fake reporting’ activities. CNN media criminal Charlie Chester touches on everything from Covid Fear to Faux Climate Change to Federal Election Theft in the Project Veritas under-cover footage – in every instance, Charlie Chester discusses the tactics and techniques used by CNN to lie about each topic.

Project Veritas Under-Cover CNN Video Link:

As this Project Veritas video goes viral, many reputable journalists and independent media sources are launching scathing comments about CNN and it’s cast of characters disguised as journalists and reporters. Consider the coverage offered by PJ Media, Real Clear Politics, and Armstrong Economics to get a sense of the anger coming from authentic and principled sources of journalism. The source references for related coverage by each of these publications is offered (below) for use by anyone interested in gaining additional important perspectives and predictions regarding the damning under-cover video footage of CNN’s Charlie Chester.

PJ Media – Stephen Kruiser; April 14, 2021

Real Clear Politics – Tim Hains; April 14, 2021

Armstrong Economics – Martin Armstrong; April 14, 2021

As mentioned, above, this video speaks for itself. Please watch and share the video and consider reading the articles from PJ Media, Real Clear Politics, and Armstrong Economics to gain an even better understanding of the incriminating scale and magnitude of the Charlie Chester video footage. CNN should be immediately banned from the air waves and must be considered an ‘enemy of the people’ – let us all hope that the end is near for this corrosive political agent disguised as a media network. By: Extremely American Colin Wright


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