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The world opposes the DAVOS & WEF SCAM to "Build Back Better" - Dutch videos offer powerful proof

January 3, 2022: If you are not yet outraged by the brazen attack against your freedom and rights under the nefarious cloak of "Covid public health" and the WEF/DAVOS sham branded as "Build Back Better", you are simply not paying attention to the world around you. "Build Back Better" is WEF/DAVOS code for theft of your rights and freedoms by a unilateral, unelected, and authoritarian cadre comprised of the most immoral and diabolical global elites and oligarchs.

Now is the time to rise against those who are responsible for every dimension of the tyranny sweeping the planet. The tyranny originates from the same cast of nefarious oligarchs exploiting the "WEF playbook" of violence and coercion that comes with global fascist and technocratic authoritarians. Now is the time to unite and stand against those aiming to reduce the majority of society into a mass of hopeless, helpless, vulnerable serfs to the ruling elite. Citizens from every free world nation should direct a sharp focus on their respective elected officials and demand that they immediately eliminate their WEF/DAVOS agenda.

The videos below capture moments from the recent protests in The Netherlands (January 2, 2022). The footage reveals the strength, courage, and resolve of the Dutch people. The images also reveal the violence that is being "executed" by national leaders ("traitors") and fascist thugs (dressed in black fatigues swinging iron rods with the intent to injure). It is clear that all of this is commissioned/funded by WEF/DAVOS with the intention to ram the "Build Back Better" hoax down the throats of common men and women, whether they want it or not.

It is time to wake up and it is time to unite and reject WEF, DAVOS, and their plans to unilaterally impose their image of unlimited control over all people of the world.

By: Extremely American Colin Wright

Videos from The Netherlands (January 2, 2022):


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