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WEF Founder Klaus Schwab executed a deep coup against Canada led by Justin Trudeau

April 6, 2022: Any Canadian not infuriated and drawn to action after viewing this brief video is either "asleep" or simply not a true Canadian. There is literally a parade of Klaus Schwab WEF "young global leaders" out to destroy Canada's traditions, heritage, and sovereignty.

It is time to "dox" these young Canadian leaders (traitors) who answer exclusively to Klaus Schwab. The link (below) offers access to the names of Canadian graduates of the WEF Young Global Leaders indoctrination camp. These compromised and treasonous young Candian leaders must be removed from their positions of power. It starts by identifying them and placing unrelenting pressure on them and their respective parties/organizations.

Australians and New Zealanders understand the plight of Canadians as Klaus Schwab and his cabal of WEF thugs conducted a similar coup against these great nations. The pattern around the world is irrefutable and undeniable .. and its time to go after those who are responsible for this clandestine assault against free and sovereign nations.


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