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Your New Tribe – Why do they get so much leeway?

May 27, 2021: I have been writing about the human condition in this pandemic as seen here ..

First Blog Link: Family and Friends – Why we are losing them?

Second Blog Link: Our Collective Trauma - Creating Humanity’s Division

One of the questions that came up in the letter I received was this:

Why, after 30+ years, did she not get the same leeway that those who have appeared in my life in the last year?

I would like to answer that question in this blog.

As I explained in my second blog, our friendship was already sliding by the time the pandemic occurred. She had been having chronic health issues and our friendship never seemed to make the cut. I continually tried to reach out over the last couple of years. She didn’t have the energy most of the time. Now, through my filters, I saw that she was spending time with work people and other people, but did not seem to have the time or energy for our friendship. I didn’t ask and she didn’t tell.

As I felt the slippery, flapping fish that I couldn’t seem to get a handle on occurring in our friendship, I tried. I cried many tears as I watched what was happening. I commiserated with a friend who was also friends with this woman. She saw the same things happening that I was seeing, so I know I wasn’t alone. I tried to reach out more frequently with little to no response.

I have been in these shoes before, and I recognize when a friendship is dying. I had to remind myself that everything is energy, and that our energy was no longer meshing. I was busy doing my inner work, at a high level. Our energy was no longer congruent. Add in that her stance was she would wear a mask to protect those she loved from this virus and I knew we were going to have issues.

As the energy of that friendship was leaving my life, new people with aligned beliefs began showing up. People I had wanted to be friends with suddenly were reaching out and supporting me. The pain of that friendship dying was being replaced with ‘higher vibing’, higher thinking, awake energy.

I have thought often about this question. Here is my answer.

Why did they get more leeway?

*Where were you when I learned that Trudeau has no interest in protecting Canadians March 2020?

*Where were you when I was the only dissenting voice you knew in April 2020? When I had NO ONE talking to me. No one. At all. Where were you?

*Where were you when I learned last May that the Canadian government was having the military train to forcibly enter our homes, pull us out of bed and vaccinate us?

*Where have you been while I wrestled with the fear of the evil being foisted upon us?

*Where were you when I had the most terrible, horrific thoughts that needed to be spoken into existence to take the energy of them away?

*Why did you sell out to the other side? We never even discussed any of this, other than to hear that if there’s a 1% chance of not passing Covid to your grandmother or compromised coworkers, you will be happy to do that.

*And most importantly, why didn’t you talk to me when you were upset about the things I was posting?


You, who knows all of my secrets, were nowhere to be found. And yet, these total strangers have walked me through horrors that are usually the stuff of sci-fi or dystopian movies. These strangers have helped me shift my thinking, have educated me further on the happenings in the world, have helped me stay two steps ahead of everything. They have taken calls, listened to my fears, heard me cry guttural tears, acknowledged this was all normal and helped me feel ok in this crazy world. And I have been able to do the same for them.

THIS is why you don’t get any leeway.

You weren’t interested in what I had to say because it wasn’t what you believed.

You sold your Soul.

And I won’t.

I thank you for leaving my life to make room for truly aligned and supportive friends. I thank you for journeying with me for as long as you did. I hope that your new friends are supporting you the way mine are supporting me. May this journey take you where you need to be. I pray you don’t get this vaccine and if you do, may it bring you the peace of mind you hope it does.

I thank every single Patriot, every single Freedom Fighter I have met or spoken to in the last fifteen months. Without you, I would not have made it through this far. Our community is powerful and loving. I’m grateful to be part of it. Thank you for holding the space for the overwhelming fear that grips so hard some days and for the snotty, teary conversations. You have all made me a better Patriot and a better human being.

I’m here if you need someone to give you some leeway.

By: Extremely American Journalist & Contributor (Canada) Wende Fahey

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