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CBS | KENS5 Diversity Trainer: "I challenge you to STOP thinking in terms of objective journalism"

November 17, 2021: There is no real mystery around the fact that mainstream media peddles misinformation and disinformation in pathological ways. What is not always understood is how and why the media "trades" in daily lies and propaganda.

James O'Keefe and his team at Project Veritas recently interviewed a whistleblower at KENS5 (a CBS affiliate). Former Promotions Producer Brett Mauser offered a lens into the the methods (and priorities) being served up by the unhinged and racist "Diversity Trainers" at the CBS affiliate. When so-called diversity training calls on employees to put the rabid dogma of "diversity" and CRT in front of journalistic honesty, integrity, and objectivity, it is not difficult to see where we are today with fake mainstream media.

The rotten and toxic state of journalism at CBS and KENS5 is best captured by the appalling instructional advice from Multicultural Competency Trainer Christina Karaoli Taylor to a group of KENS5 journalists in training:

"I challenge you [journalists in training] to stop thinking in terms of objective journalism because, and we'll discuss why that's not really feasible anymore." (Christina Karaoli Taylor - KENS5 Diversity Trainer)

Everything about the state of journalism today makes sense when we see, first hand, how the poison of racist CRT, discrimination, and unhinged diversity doctrine oozes into the training of our journalists. Thank goodness for the rise of independent journalism!

By: Extremely American Colin Wright


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